Hypnosis Mic Wiki
Vocals Gentaro Yumeno
Album Fling Posse -Before
The 2nd D.R.B-
Release February 26, 2020

Calyx (蕚 / Utena) is the second track from the Fling Posse -Before The 2nd D.R.B- album and the solo song, performed by Gentaro Yumeno.

Track Info

  • Lyrics: basho & ESME MORI
  • Composition/Arrangement: ESME MORI
  • Length: 3:26
  • Tempo: 116 BPM

Game Info

  • Length: 1:45 (Part A) / 2:19 (Part B)
  • Attribute: DIAMOND
  • Note Count:
    • Part A: 202 (EASY) / 263 (NORMAL) / 450 (HARD) / 753 (EXPERT)
    • Part B: 286 (EASY) / 374 (NORMAL) / 635 (HARD) / 966 (EXPERT)




Tracing the ink spots
The gliding of my pen
Steps over the fishtail
Lingering in the white sunlight
Over everything in my line of sight
This white paper has been spread open
I deceive it with the lies I compose
Ephemeral feelings
Fate's an empty shell too
These shackles dragging these feet
Toes lining up together
The way of breathing
The mixing together of colors that have started to intersect
Completely covering even the walls of the city

All the way to the outside of my heart
The scattered fragments of flower petals that have flown away
They bury this scenery
The path we've been taken has been erased...

Reflecting an infinity mirror
Following a shadow of outlines
I become aware of the things I had avoided
Fluttering in the light pink wind that pulls at the arm
Even the dice dance
The chasing haze clears as well

Even in this world that the tin cogwheel starting to move
Freely and uninhibitedly undo this armor to open up
Conquering loneliness
It can't be helped... it isn't despair
See, we'll share the lotus throne

Writing down the journey's midway upon rewound lyrics
An ending that gives the sound of footsteps
The emotions in hand that become a drawing tomorrow
A crimson moon and virtue and a hero, the points joined by lines
The correction of the crushing measure of clock hands
The score flutters in space and starts to dance
The scorching heat on the inside of the eyelids

All the way to the outside of my heart
The scattered fragments of flower petals that have flown away
Even if they bury this scenery and disappear

All the way to the outside of my heart
The scattered fragments of flower petals that have flown away
Those feelings... I wish they were understood...

nazoru hadare
fude no hashiri
matagu gyobi tatazumu hakujitsu
amaneku shiya ni
hirogeta hakushi
tsuzuru uso de gomakashiteku
utakata no omoi
unmei mo utsusemi kase
ni hikizuru ashi narabu tsumasaki
kousa shidasu iro no mazariai
machi no kabe mo nuritsubushiteku

kokoro no soto made
tobichiita hanabiratachi no hahen ga
kono fuukei wo
umetsukushite kieta michinori

awasekagami utsusu
rinkaku no kage wo tadoru
saketa mono wo shiru
ude wo hiku usubeni
iro no kaze ni mau
sai mo odoriou
kasumi mo hareru
buriki no haguruma ugokidasu sekai
ni mo zuii fuki ni hokorobi e to odoshi wo toku
kodoku no kokufuku
shikatanai wa zetsubou janaku
hora hasu no utena wo wakatsu

makimodoshi kashi ni kakinokosu
tabi no tochuu ashioto suru shuusoku
asu te ni ari e ni naru jousei
kouzuki to kouketsu to gouketsusen de musubu ten
byoushin no nuritsubusu
shousetsu no kahitsu shuusei
chuu wo maiodoridasu gosenfu
mabuta no ura no shounetsu wo

kokoro no soto made
tobichiita hanabiratachi no hahen ga
kono fuukei wo
umetsukushite kiete shimattemo

kokoro no soto made
mukidashi de aruiteitta moyou to
kono kanjou ga
tsutawatte shimattara ii no ni

なぞる斑 筆の走り 跨ぐ魚尾佇む白日
泡沫の思い 運命も空蝉 枷に引きずる足並ぶつまさき

心の外まで 飛び散った花びら達の破片が
この風景を埋め尽くして 消えた道のり

合わせ鏡写す 輪郭の影を辿る 避けたものを知る
孤独の克服 仕方ないは絶望じゃなく ほら蓮の台を分かつ


心の外まで 飛び散った花びら達の破片が

心の外まで 剥き出しで歩いていった模様と



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