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Dice Arisugawa
Dice portrait.png
Kanji 有栖川 帝統
Romaji Arisugawa Daisu
MC Name Dead or Alive
Character Information
Occupation Gambler
Birthday July 7
Age 20
Zodiac Cancer
Height 177 cm (5'10)
Weight 77 kg
Blood Type B
Voice Actor Yukihiro Nozuyama
Stage Actor Ryo Takizawa
Love the life you live. Live the life you love.

Dice Arisugawa, a.k.a. Dead or Alive, is a gambler and the third member of Fling Posse.


A gambler so addicted to the game he’ll lay not only whatever cash he can get his hands on, but even his life, down on the table for the right bet.

There’s nothing he despises more than the phrase, “the straight and narrow”, and he’s only survived as long as he has thanks to the extraordinarily good luck he was born with. He makes all of his decisions with the dice he carries around.

As often as he finds himself flat broke, he’s quick to latch onto anyone who will feed him.


Dice has blue hair in a half mullet over his right shoulder and purple eyes. He wears a hair accessory on the left side with 12 gold beads, endings in a die with a tassel. He also has noticeably sharp canines.

Dice wears a black long sleeved shirt, white ripped pants and black loafers. He has a black double belt set and a green parka coat with black fur and the Fling Posse gold star on the back. He also carries around a black boombox.

Dice's Hypnosis Mic is a ribbon microphone with a gold accent around in the shape of a dollar sign. Dice’s speaker takes the form of a slot machine with multiple floating parts: three large 7s, dice and coins. The top has "Fling Posse" written on it.

Rap Ability

  • Max Bet: His ability changes depending on his luck when activated.




All Stars

Rap Battle




  • Dice means "emperor" (帝) (di) and "sum" (統) (ce).
  • Arisugawa means "exist" (有) (ari), "nest" (栖) (su) and "river, stream" (川) (kawa/gawa).
    • Arisugawa comes from the Arisugawa-no-miya (有栖川宮, also known by its original name, Takamatsu-no-miya/高松宮), a branch of the Japanese imperial family that went extinct in 1987.


  • Dice's quote was originally from Bob Marley's song called Live A Life Of Love.
  • Dice is left-handed.
  • According to the guidebook, Dice likes gambling and thrills, while he dislikes stable lifestyles and black tea.
  • Dice's favorite food is a junk food. In Hypnosis Radio, Dice said that he likes pretty much any food, except for wild plants. It was also implied that he eats grass, as he mentioned that grass is nasty, bitter and can't be eaten raw - he goes on further to say that the 'grass in Tokyo' doesn't taste good.
  • Dice's height, weight, birthdate and the name of his solo song all reference the number seven.
  • Dice's name is technically read "Daisu" and is written in kanji, which indicates that it is not a foreign name, but no official source has ever translated it as such. His name was initially written as "Daisu" in the Division Rap Battle music video and Fling Posse -F.P.S.M- trailer.



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