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Drama Tracks/Manga (main storyline)

Early Life

Dice was born to Otome Tohoten and Mikado Asuka, two renowned politicans. When Dice was young, Mikado was arrested, so Otome left her son at her relatives' house, the Arisugawa family. However, Dice ran away from the house, leaving his mother and everything else behind.
Becoming homeless, Dice developed a gambling addiction, betting all money he gets just to get some thrills. Being involved in a major game, Dice bet his own life and managed to win a Hypnosis Mic. However, since no one could defeat Dice in a rap battle, he couldn't get any thrilling from that and wasn't interested.
One day, after not eating for a while, Dice collapsed from a hunger and was approached by Rio Mason Busujima. Rio brought Dice to his campsite and treated him to some of his cooking, to Dice's gratitude. For a while, Dice was frequently visiting Rio to grab some food, while Rio was more than happy to feed him. Dice also asked Rio to lend his some money for a slot machine, but Rio suddenly lent him quite a large sum of money, without being concerned about Dice returning the money. Rio thought that Dice needed battle funds.

Fling Posse

At the casino, Dice had a winning streak, however, his game was interrupted by Ramuda Amemura and Dice lost everything. Despite Dice being furious, Ramuda continued following him and offered him to form a team together. Ramuda was aware that Dice had a Hypnosis Mic, however, Dice said that he's not interested in rap battles. Ramuda then challenged Dice for a battle and Dice genuinly had a lot of excitement during their fight.
Dice decided to consider Ramuda's offer and rolled his dice to make a decision. Although the result wasn't in Ramuda's favor, he just moved the dice and convinced Arisugawa that rap battles with him would bring him a lot of thrills and Dice finally accepted his offer. They were also joined by Gentaro Yumeno, and together they formed Fling Posse to represent Shibuya Division. Dice also played chinchiro with Ramuda and Gentaro and although he had luck with his dice, Ramuda and Gentaro won at the last moment, putting Dice at even bigger debt.

Division Rap Battle

Fling Posse decided to participate in the Division Rap Battle and managed to defeat The Dirty Doubts and won the chance to represent Shibuya in the rap battle. They then arrived at Chuohku where Ramuda reunited with his ex-The Dirty Dawg teammates. Dice also met Rio there and said that he'll drop by at his campsite to grab some food. Ramuda later got into a confrontation with Jakurai Jinguji, which was stopped by Ichijiku Kadenokoji, although Dice wasn't interested in that.
Before the battle, Dice found an illegal gambling den in Chuohku, where he lost all his money and clothes, having only his mic with him. He called Gentaro and asked him to lend him more money to win his stuff back, however, Gentaro instead just bought Dice's clothes back. On the way back to the hotel, Dice and Gentaro were approached by a group of fans who started chasing them, forcing Dice and Gentaro to run away.
Dice and Gentaro managed to get away from the fans and they met Hifumi Izanami and Doppo Kannonzaka who were also chased, since division representatives are treated as idols. Gentaro demanded Hifumi and Doppo to apologize, however, Hifumi started to insult Gentaro's clothing, so Dice jumped in to defend his friend. Dice smacked Hifumi and forced him to apologize to Gentaro, while Doppo also told Hifumi to do it.
Dice however, then turned to Doppo, being annoyed by him constantly apologizing, saying that it makes his apologies worthless. Hifumi then stepped in to defend Doppo, and the four of them got into a rap battle. However, they were interrupted by the fans who forced them to run away again. After they got away, Gentaro thanked Dice for defending him and they returned to the hotel.
During the rap battle between Fling Posse and Matenro, Dice and Gentaro were taken out and Ramuda was defeated by Jakurai, so Fling Posse lost a battle.

Suspicious Job

Dice had a big winning streak in a card game, however, Zannen Tobari suddenly won all money. Zannen later approached Dice at the park and offered him a simple job to deliver some goods in exchange for all the money he won from Dice. Dice quickly accepted the job and received a half of the money as an advanced payment. Dice paid his debts to Ramuda and Gentaro and asked them to help with his job, although they noted that it was suspicious.
Fling Posse grabbed three bages with the unknown contents and brought them to the Yokohama container yard, however, the reciever wasn't there. Suddenly, they were approached by MAD TRIGGER CREW, as Jyuto Iruma demanded to show him a contens of their bags. Dice was panicking, however, Gentaro stepped in and refused to show Jyuto anything, so he assumed that they were involving with a drug trafficking.
MAD TRIGGER CREW confronted Fling Posse, as Dice had to fight with Rio. Although neither of them wanted to hurt each other, both of them refused to be pitied. Suddenly, they were stopped by Zannen and his Hypnosis Canceller who revealed that he lured MAD TRIGGER CREW and Fling Posse with the Grasshopper outbreak and hiring Dice to deliver the bags. He also said that their game was actually a fraud, to Dice's greater frustration.
Zannen ordered his men to neutralize Fling Posse and MAD TRIGGER CREW, while all of them were too exhausted after the battle and couldn’t resist, so Tobari’s men succeeded. It was also revealed that Tobari brothers were hired by Hitaki Tsumabira, the high-ranked Chuohku official who wanted to take down the teams for her amusement. However, she was stopped by Ichijiku who took her out for insubordination (as well as other crimes), leaving Tobaris behind.
With the help of Bojo siblings, all four teams managed to free themselves and joined their forces to take down Tobari brothers and their men. Dice, however, was much more concerned that Zannen still got away without paying Dice his money back.

Saving a Friend

After another gambling session, Dice and Gentaro were called by Ramuda to get to his office. While they were talking, Dice slipped up and mentioned his mother, picking Ramuda's curiousity. Dice didn't want to talk about her, so Gentaro told Ramuda off, saying that this is not a matter Dice wants to talk about. Ramuda decided to talk about them losing to Matenro in the Division battle and said that they need to improve their teamwork, thus they need to share their secrets with each other.
Dice confessed to Ramuda and Gentaro that he was borrowing money from loan sharks using their names and begged for forgiveness, promising that they won't be billed for that. Ramuda was disappointed by their "secrets", although he didn't share anything with them.
Suddenly, Ramuda's condition got very bad and he started to cough up a heavy amount of blood. Dice attempted to call an ambulance, although Ramuda said that needs his candy and Gentaro gave him one. Ramuda told Dice and Gentaro that there's nothing to worry about and asked them to go home without any questions. Although they were concerned, they left although after coming back they found out that Ramuda wasn't there and tried to search for him.
Ramuda later returned home and Dice told him that he was worried, as he didn't pick his phone when Dice was calling him. Dice said that since they're friends, they have a right to be worried, however, Ramuda snapped and yelled that they're not friends and never were to begin with before running away from him and Gentaro.
Dice and Gentaro followed Ramuda and found him being almost killed by none other but his own clones. Dice and Gentaro jumped in to protect Ramuda, saying that their friend needs them. Fling Posse confronted the clones, although since they had an upper hand by having no emotions, they hit them back hardly. However, they didn't go down and managed to take down all clones.
Ramuda told Dice and Gentaro that he's actually a clone created by the Party of Words who threw him away and without the candy supply, he will die soon. Dice then found an amount of candies on the clones, however, Ramuda said that it's merely a termporary solution and he's doomed anyway. Dice and Gentaro didn't allow Ramuda to give up and told him that they will do anything to save their friend. Dice then gave Ramuda his dice and said to roll it to let the fortune decide, although the result wasn't in Ramuda's favor.
Dice then moved the dice and told Ramuda that he did the same to get Dice to join his team, which he never regretted since. Dice told Ramuda that he and Gentaro are ready to put their lives on the line to save Ramuda and he shouldn't give up if there's even a smallest chance for him to survive. Ramuda decided to go along with that and genuinely thanked Dice and Gentaro for being his posse.


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