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Dotsuitare Hompo (どついたれ本舗) is the Osaka Division representative rap group.



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Ah, Osaka Dreamin' Night


  1. Ah, Osaka Dreamin' Night
  2. Tragic Transistor (Sasara Nurude's solo song)
  3. Own Stage (Rosho Tsutsujimori's solo song)
  4. FACES (Rei Amayado's solo song)

Release Date: October 30, 2019


  • "Dotsuitare Hompo" can be translated as "Knock 'em Out HQ".
  • Their division logo features a fan called harisen, commonly used in manzai comedy acts.
  • All of the members wear fan-shaped pins on their outfits. They can be found on Sasara's and Rosho's jackets, and on Rei's hat.
  • The division's loud dress sense is in line with the Osakan stereotype of gaudy and flashy clothes. Many of Japan's famous comedians come from Osaka, which fits in line with Sasara and Rosho's characters.


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