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What is HypMic?

Hypnosis Microphone (HypMic or ヒプマイ when abbreviated) is a voice actor project featuring eighteen Japanese voice actors (声優; seiyuu). The eighteen main characters make up six divisions (excluding stage-only divisions), each representing a famous district in Japan. Each division fights against each other in "territory battles" in which they release albums with rap battles, division songs, and occasional drama CDs. To view the media adaptations in which HypMic is available in, please check out the Media page.

Essentially, the only way to learn information about the characters and their backstories is via the drama tracks that are released with each CD, or the manga. When CDs are released, they come packaged with songs sung by each character/division. "Territory battles" (that's what they're called canonically) is a voting session that you can participate in to root for your favorite division by using a code given to you with each CD. The winning divisions will go on to face off, and again the winner is decided by voting.

When was HypMic created?

Per the official Twitter, Hypnosis Microphone was "born" September 2, 2017.

Who is responsible for this project?

The project is run by EVIL LINE RECORDS, a sub-label under King Record Co, Ltd, in conjunction with Idea Factory and Otomate. The original character designer is Kazui from Otomate. The scenario writer for many of the drama tracks and the manga is Yuuichiro Momose.

What are the divisions?

Currently, there are six divisions with three members each. The first 4 divisions' corresponding leaders all used to make up a now-disbanded rap group called The Dirty Dawg.

Click on each of the location names to find out more info.

Trigger Warnings

Given the nature of HypMic's setting, there are considerably mature themes. Most character bios will not have these, and they are also considered spoilers. We will add notes on each bio that requires them as necessary. While these tags may seem excessive, we try to give the most common triggers here to avoid incident.

  • Abuse, bullying, child abuse, stalking
  • Drugs: Effects of usage, drug abuse and addiction, dealing, smoking to hard drugs.
  • Gangs, organised crime, yakuza etc.
  • Gender politics, misogyny, 'apparent misandry', transphobia
  • Human rights violation, human experimentation
  • Mental & personality disorders: depression, PTSD, self-harm, suicide
  • Police corruption
  • Politics, elitism, fascism
  • Racism, gentrification
  • Sexual abuse, sex trafficking
  • Violence & death
  • War & terrorism

The occurrences are spread between the different media of HypMic. Please proceed with caution.

Why aren't the names romanized with Revised Hepburn or like "x" way?

All official names are referenced as written on the official site.

Why is there so little information on each character?

As stated previously, the only way to find out more information on certain characters is from the songs, drama tracks, manga, and official website profiles. The official website profiles only list the bare-minimum character-wise, so most info is taken from drama tracks and the like. Songs usually don't comment much on the character (notable exceptions are G anthem of Y-CITY and Scenario Liar), therefore drama tracks are the best way to learn about characters at the moment.

The biggest hurdle is the language barrier. There are quite a few fan-translation sites/groups out there, but of course no English information is posted by the official Hypnosis Mic staff themselves. Because of this, even if you have access to a drama track you'll either have to know Japanese or wait for one of the aforementioned groups to post translations available in your language.

Why certain information is lacking on the wiki?

Lack of staff is the main issue. There are currently seven admins/mods:

With only two active admins on this wiki, things are updated frequently but there's a lot to do. Song translations, the wiki's CSS, etc. There's a lot of new information about HypMic coming out recently, and it's difficult to keep up with the lack of editors. If you're waiting for a certain page or have any issues, you can either message one of the two admins above for help if you need anything.

If you'd like to contribute, please be sure that you know how to use wikia somewhat so nothing gets chaotic. There is currently an editing guidelines page in the works, but for now please just use your best jurisdiction if you plan to edit anything! Nonetheless, help is appreciated. Joke edits are not allowed and will result in an instant BAN.