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Gentaro Yumeno
Gentarou portrait.png
Kanji 夢野 幻太郎
Romaji Yumeno Gentarou
MC Name Phantom
Character Information
Occupation Author
Birthday April 1
Age 24
Zodiac Aries
Height 177 cm (5'10)
Weight 61 kg
Blood Type AB
Voice Actor Soma Saito
Stage Actor Takahisa Maeyama
What do you want meaning for? Life is desire, not meaning.

Gentaro Yumeno, a.k.a. Phantom, is a novel author and also the second member of Fling Posse.


A writer who dresses like an intellectual from a bygone era. He enjoys making up stories about the lives of the strangers he passes on the street.

He is an extremely persuasive liar and often times those lies would go unnoticed were it not for his habit of teasing the gullible by telling them, “That was just a lie”.


Gentaro has shaggy brown hair and green/purple eyes.

Gentaro is seen as having ‘outdated fashion’. He wears a white kosode and black undershirt, and grey hakama with a black obi and yellow cord. Over this he wears a black cape with a patterned purple underside, fastened with the Fling Posse gold star pin and chain. He wears black lace-up boots.

Gentaro’s Hypnosis Mic looks like a candlestick telephone. His speakers take the form of red pedestal lanterns with omikuji flying around.


He has a calm and patient personality. However, he also has a mysterious personality. As he often tell some lies in case to joke but sometimes his lies are used to cover something he hides about. He has deep feelings for his good friend, Dice Arisugawa. He often shows his sincere feelings through his lyric writing.

*It should be important to point out that there is a translation of an interview with Gentaro’s va. In it, they asked why he talks the way he does to which he answers: “During conversations, Gentaro sometimes plays other characters. In order to do that, he changes his tone of voice. By using this character changing skill, maybe you can hear him change his voice as he tells stories.” The lack of pronouns used could simply be that of his personality to make up stories and lie. (https://eng-hypnosismic.tumblr.com/post/176844101501/tl-interview-w-saito-souma-the-lying-phantom | source)

Rap Ability

  • Imitation: Copies an opponent's ability




All Stars

Rap Battle




  • Gentaro means "phantom/ghost/illusion", (幻) (gen), "thick, big" (太) (ta) and "son" (郎) (ro).
    • "Taro" is a typical boy's name which alternatively can be found in multiple other male names.
  • Yumeno means "dream" (夢) (yume) and "field, wilderness" (野) (no).
    • Yumeno is most likely a reference to author Yumeno Kyusaku, who mainly focused on writing novels based in surrealism and romanticism.
    • It could also be considered a pun as it can be read as "Gentaro of dreams" with the Japanese name order (yume no Gentaro), fitting in with his habit to "dream up" stories.


  • Gentaro's quote is originally from Charlie Chaplin's 1952 film "Limelight".
  • He is ambidextrous.
  • He likes people watching, cafes, and fantastical stories, while he dislikes having his clothes made fun of, and self-help books.
  • Gentaro's favorite food is watermelons, while his least favorite food is melons.
  • Gentaro's birthday is April Fools' Day, a clear reference to his tendency to fool people.
  • Gentaro mainly uses the old-fashioned pronoun "shousei" (小生) to refer to himself. Due to his tendency to change his voice's pitch or sound to make characters, such as a princess or an old man, he sometimes uses pronouns as "watashi", "ore", "boku", "maro" or "warawa".
  • In the music video for Hoodstar, a sign behind Fling Posse reads “No Longer Human” and it is most likely a reference to the popular Japanese author named Dazai Osamu's best-selling novel called "No Longer Human". The plot of the novel follows a boy who is isolated from his peers and finds himself surrounded by misfortune due to his lack of understanding of human beings.



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