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Hifumi Izanami
123 portrait.png
Kanji 伊弉冉 一二三
Romaji Izanami Hifumi
Character Information
Occupation Host
Birthday June 22nd
Age 29
Zodiac Cancer
Height 179cm (5'11)
Weight 64 kg
Blood Type A
Voice Actor Ryuichi Kijima
Stage Actor ‎Hirofumi Araki
Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

Hifumi Izanami, a.k.a. GIGOLO, is a host and the second member of Matenrō.


A host who works at the "Fragrance" host club in Shinjuku, Hifumi radiates confidence and charisma at first sight. However, despite the impression that his gregarious nature and carefree tone gives off, Hifumi is in actuality completely terrified of women. He became a host in attempts to conquer his fear, and after much toil, he learned to transform himself into a womanizer once he dons his suit.

Hifumi is extremely dexterous and has a wide range of hobbies ranging from the indoor to the outdoor.

He and Doppo have known each other since they were in elementary school, and he frequently mends Doppo’s torn suits for him. The two share an apartment.


Hifumi has blonde hair with green undersides, and gold-colored eyes. He wears earrings shaped like yellow roses.

Hifumi wears a black shirt, grey waistcoat, black pants, and brown shoes. His grey suit jacket aids with his fear of women. He wears many accessories: a silver belt, multiple belt chains (one with a normal chain, and another with Matenrō’s crosses), a yellow rose in his suit jacket breast pocket, two necklaces (one with a Matenro cross and one with a red pendant), and rings on his right index and left index, pinky and thumb fingers.

Hifumi’s Hypnosis Mic has a diamond and gold body with “GIGOLO” written on it, and the windscreen looks like a disco ball. Hifumi’s speaker takes the form of gold roses with speakers inside and a disco ball.


Rap Ability

  • Enchant: Enchants his opponent and gains control over them.




All Stars

Rap Battle



  • Hifumi means "one" (一) (hi), "two" (二) (fu) and "three" (三) (mi).
    • Following this theme, his MC name is GIGOLO, which can be read as "shi go ro", or 4 5 6.
  • Izanami is written "that one" (伊) (i), "large, powerful, stout, thick" (弉) (za) and "red, tan" (冉) (nami).
    • In Japanese mythology, Izanami is the female creator goddess who gave birth to the islands of Japan.


  • Hifumi's quote was originally coined by reformed alcoholic and Synanon founder Charles E. Dederich.
  • Hifumi is right-handed.
  • According to the guidebook, he likes women, himself, cooking, and outdoor activities, while he dislikes women, classical music, and people who don't make an effort.
  • Hifumi likes his own cooking and dislikes frozen food.
  • He usually uses "orecchi" to refer to himself but in the host mode, he switches to "boku".
  • He has an older sister.[1]



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