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Hitoya Amaguni
Hitoya portrait.png
Kanji 天国 獄
Romaji Amaguni Hitoya
MC Name Heaven & Hell
Character Information
Occupation Lawyer
Birthday June 29
Age 35
Zodiac Cancer
Height 178 cm (5'10)
Weight 68 kg
Blood Type B
Voice Actor Eiji Takeuchi
Stage Actor Ruito Aoyagi
It is my belief that reaching out to the moon is my goal. Even if it does not arrive.

Hitoya Amaguni, a.k.a. Heaven & Hell, is a lawyer and the third member of Bad Ass Temple.


A lawyer and the representative of the Amaguni Law Firm, who will take on any case for the right amount of money. However, he hates bullying and is willing to represent its victims pro bono due to his brother ending his own life after being harshly bullied. Despite having a sharp tongue, he has a heart of gold.

A childhood friend of Jakurai Jinguji from Shinjuku Division, whom he knew since junior school.


Hitoya has ash brown hair styled in a pompadour and light green eyes. He has a thin goatee and prominent eyebrows.

Hitoya wears a white shirt, red tie and black pants with a belt and chain. He wears a white-and-dark-blue leather jacket. His shoes are black-and-white with a checker pattern and he wears a silver watch on his left wrist.

Hitoya’s Hypnosis Mic is a ribbon microphone with a green stand and handles in the shape of a scale. His speakers take the form of a motorcycle with multiple mufflers.





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Rap Battle



  • Hitoya means "prison" (獄).
    • It is also the second letter to "jigoku" (地獄), which means hell.
  • Amaguni means "heaven, sky" (天) (ama) and "country" (国) (kuni/guni).
    • Another pronunciation for this combination of kanji is "tengoku", which means heaven.


  • Hitoya is right-handed.
  • Hitoya likes islay whiskey, motorcycles, and money, while he dislikes bullying the weak, people who don't listen, and trains and buses.
  • Hitoya's favorite food is ham, while his least favorite food is bean sprouts. It is also mentioned in The Heart's Conviction Can't Be Broken! that he doesn't like fruits in salad. In One and Two, and Law, he also says that sweet and sour pork should not have pineapple.
  • Hitoya's cigarettes appear to be of the brand "Hi-Lite".



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