Hitoya Amaguni
Hitoya portrait.png
Kanji 天国 獄
Romaji Amaguni Hitoya
MC Name Heaven & Hell
Character Information
Occupation Lawyer
Birthday June 29
Age 35
Height 178 cm
Weight 68 kg
Blood Type B
Voice Actor Eiji Takeuchi
Stage Actor Ruito Aoyagi
It is my belief that reaching out to the moon is my goal. Even if it does not arrive.

Hitoya Amaguni, a.k.a. Heaven & Hell, is a lawyer and a current member of Bad Ass Temple.


A lawyer and the representative of the Amaguni Law Firm, who will take on any case for the right amount of money. However, he hates bullying and is willing to represent its victims pro bono due to his brother ending his own life after being harshly bullied. Despite having a sharp tongue, he has a heart of gold.

A childhood friend of Jakurai Jinguji from Shinjuku Division, whom he knew since the junior school.


Hitoya has ash brown hair styled in a pompadour and light green eyes. He has a thin goatee and prominent eyebrows.

Hitoya wears a white shirt, red tie and black pants with a belt and chain. He wears a white-and-dark-blue leather jacket. His shoes are black-and-white with a checker pattern and he wears a silver watch on his left.

Hitoya’s Hypnosis Mic is a ribbon microphone with a green stand and handles in the shape of a scale. His speakers take the form of a motorcycle with multiple mufflers.


  • Hitoya means "prison" (獄).
    • It is also the second letter to "jigoku" (地獄), which means hell.
  • Amaguni means "heaven, sky" (天) (ama) and "country" (国) (kuni/guni).
    • Another pronunciation is "tengoku", which means heaven.



Early Life

During [high/middle school], Hitoya befriended Jakurai Jinguji. In grades, sports or games, Hitoya has never once defeated him, which made him incredibly frustrated. Sometime before medical school, Hitoya’s brother committed suicide as a result of bullying. Since then, Hitoya had sworn on his brother’s grave that he would do anything in his power to fight against bullying.

Hitoya eventually decided to drop out from medical school, as he would never be able to surpass Jakurai in the same field and decided to pursue the law.

Law Practice

Eventually, Hitoya became a lawyer and earned a title of “undefeatable” due to all the trials he won. Despite his love for money, he decided to represent bullying victims pro bono, because of his promise to his late brother.

Hitoya was contacted by Shakku Harai who asked him to take a case involving his son Kuko who attacked several students who were bullying his classmate. Kuko, however, refused to cooperate and tell Hitoya details about what happened, so Hitoya went to the hospital to speak with Ren. Ren told him that his bullies almost drove him to jump off the rooftop but Kuko saved him and beat up the bullies.

Hitoya was informed that one of the bully’s parents filed an assault lawsuit against Kuko and he can end up in the juvenile facility. Despite Kuko’s bickering with Hitoya, he talked with the bullies and threatened to sue them for attempted murder of Ren, detering them from filing the lawsuit. Shakku thanked Hitoya for his help but Hitoya still refused to take a payment. Hitoya then apologized to Kuko for saying unnecessary things to him and Kuko thanked him for not telling Shakku details about the situation with Ren (although he told him to mind his own business).

Later, Hitoya was involved in a similar situation with Jyushi Aimono who was a bullying victim at his school. Hitoya advocated Jyushi for free and has since earned Jyushi's respect. Jyushi started to spend more time with Hitoya, as his friend, even though Hitoya was mostly irritated by him.

Hitoya also attended the final rap battle between MAD TRIGGER CREW and Matenro where he witnessed Jakurai fighting personally.

Bad Ass Temple

One day, when Jyushi visited his office, he told Hitoya that his plushie pig Amanda was stolen before his live show. Hitoya remarked that this case is out of his range of specialty, however, he noticed Jyushi’s concerning habit to cry a lot. Hitoya told Jyushi that he must do something to strengthen his spirit and offered him therapy with Jakurai or mental training. Jyushi accepted Hitoya’s offer and chose the training, so Hitoya brought him to Kugen temple.

At the temple, Hitoya told Shakku about Jyushi’s situation and he agreed to take Jyushi for the training formally, on the condition that he would be trained by Kuko, much to Hitoya’s surprise. Shakku noticed that despite all Kuko’s achievements, he’s still too unruly and training with Jyushi could help him as well. Hitoya told Jyushi that he must be the one to make a choice and he agreed to be trained by Kuko.

Kuko decided to train Jyushi, using his Hypnosis Mic, attacking him with his verses to train his mind and spirit. Although Hitoya was concerned that Kuko was too harsh on him, he agreed to use Hypnosis Mic on Jyushi as well. Over time, Jyushi not only managed to withstand their verses but to hit Kuko with his own, so Kuko told him that he was ready. Kuko offered Jyushi to form a team with him to participate in the DIvision Rap Battle and Jyushi accepted the offer.

Before Hitoya was about to leave, Kuko stopped him and stated that he must join their team. Initially, Hitoya wasn’t interested in the rap battles, however, Kuko told him that he would earn a chance to beat Jakurai. Hitoya accepted Kuko’s words and together, they formed Bad Ass Temple to represent Nagoya Division.

Friendly Reunion

While Hitoya went to Shinjuku to attend a trial, he was contacted by Kuko who told him to go back to the temple so they could practice before the rap battle. Hitoya was surprised by Kuko’s decision but told him that he was too busy. After the trial, Hitoya called Jakurai and asked him to meet him at a bar.

At the bar, Hitoya talked with Jakurai, saying that he was proud of his achievements as a friend, however, he told him about how he was frustrated by the fact that he had never beat Jakurai in anything. Jakurai tried to argue that one’s worth is based on their actions and Hitoya’s achievements still meant a lot.

Hitoya, however, couldn’t help but feel that Jakurai was looking down on him, so he refused to listen to him and challenged Jakurai to a rap battle. Hitoya and Jakurai exchanged verses, but Hitoya realized that Jakurai didn’t take it seriously enough. Hitoya then called it a day and said that they would fight again at the Division battle and Jakurai wouldn’t have a choice but to take it seriously.


The songs featuring Hitoya are:



All Stars


  • He is right-handed.
  • He likes islay whiskey, motorcycles, and money, while he dislikes bullying the weak, people who don't listen, and trains and buses.
  • Hitoya's favorite food is ham, while his least favorite food is bean sprouts. It is also mentioned in The Heart's Conviction Can't Be Broken that he doesn't like fruits in salad. In One and Two, and Law, he also says that sweet and sour pork should not have pineapple.


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