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Name Ichiro Yamada
Kanji 山田一郎
MC Name ‎MC.B.B
Birthday July 26th
Character Information
Age 19
Height 185cm
Weight 68kg
Occupation Manager of Odd-Jobs Yamada
Voice Actor Subaru Kimura
Actor Akira Takano
Solo Song I Am Ichiro
Break the wall
You'll never find a rainbow if you're looking down.

Ichiro Yamada (MC name "MC.B.B") is a manager of the Odd-Jobs Yamada, former member of Naughty Busters and The Dirty Dawg and current leader of Buster Bros!!!.


A former member of The Dirty Dawg, the oldest son of the Yamada family, and proprietor of Odd Jobs Yamada. He used to be such an infamous delinquent that it was said that there wasn’t a single person in Ikebukuro who didn’t know his name.

He’s a very compassionate person with a deep-seated sense of justice who can’t bring himself to ignore people in need. Everyone admires him for how well he looks after his little brothers. As a hardcore nerd, his hobbies include watching anime and keeping up with all the latest light novels.

He and Samatoki Aohitsugi, leader of the Yokohama Division, hate each other’s guts.


Jiro Yamada

One of Ichiro's younger brothers with a 2 year age difference. They are both members of Buster Bros!!!. In the past, Jiro hated Ichiro after witnessing him beat up their orphanage caretaker. After Ichiro rescued him from Mozuku, Jiro began to idolize Ichiro.

Saburo Yamada

Ichiro's youngest brother with a 5 year age difference. They are both members of Buster Bros!!!. In the past, Saburo hated Ichiro after witnessing him beat up their orphanage caretaker. After Ichiro rescued him from Mozuku, Saburo began to idolize Ichiro.

Rei Amayado

Rei had left a note for Ichiro with Sasara in Osaka. The note contained information regarding Nemu's current occupation along with Rei's identity.

Kuko Harai

Ichiro's former teammate in Naughty Busters. They would later join Mad Comic Dialogue together. Ichiro considered him a close friend before they had a fight.

Samatoki Aohitsugi

Ichiro's former teammate in both Mad Comic Dialogue and The Dirty Dawg. When they first fought, Samatoki recognized Ichiro's strength with Samatoki asking Ichiro to join Mad Comic Dialogue afterwards. After The Dirty Dawg's disbandment, their friendship turned into strong hatred. Ichiro claims he can't follow Samatoki's ideals while Samatoki calls him a hypocrite and blames him for doing something terrible to Nemu.

Sasara Nurude

Ichiro's former teammate in Mad Comic Dialogue. After leaving Mad Comic Dialogue, Sasara and Ichiro still appear to be on ok terms. In Helter Skelter, Ichiro went to Sasara looking for information on Nemu. There, Sasara asked Ichiro to battle him and Rosho which they did after some goading from Sasara. After the battle, Sasara gave Ichiro a note from Rei.

Nemu Aohitsugi

Ichiro helped save Nemu when she and his brothers were kidnapped by Mozuku.

Ramuda Amemura

Ichiro's former teammate in The Dirty Dawg. Ramuda keeps up his usual facade towards Ichiro, but the latter doesn't seem to mind as much as the others around him do. They are still on friendly terms despite The Dirty Dawg's disbandment. Ichiro provided Ramuda with information on Gentaro and Dice. Whether or not Ichiro is aware of Ramuda's true nature is unknown.

Jakurai Jinguji

Ichiro's former teammate in The Dirty Dawg. They are still on friendly terms despite The Dirty Dawg's disbandment. Jakurai also requested Ichiro's help in finding the location of Hifumi's stalker.

Rosho Tsutsujimori

The two first meet in Helter Skelter, where both Rosho and Sasara engaged in a rap battle against him, with the latter reasoning that it would be good practice for the both of them to battle against someone of Ichiro's caliber.

Mozuku Shito

Ichiro's former boss when he was working under Stairway to Heaven. After the battle with Mad Comic Dialogue, Ichiro fought back against Mozuku and his men, defeating them with Kuko and Mad Comic Dialogue. After Mozuku kidnapped his brothers, Ichiro and what would later become The Dirty Dawg fought and defeated Mozuku.

Gencho Hosen

Ichiro's caretaker at the orphanage he and his brothers lived in. Ichiro never had trusted Gencho, having a gut feeling that he wasn't someone to be trusted. After Gencho assisted Mozuku in kidnapping his brothers, Ichiro and the rest of what would become The Dirty Dawg defeated him.


  • The name Ichiro means "one" (一) (ichi) and "son" (郎) (rou).
  • Ichiro's surname Yamada means "mountain, hill" (山) (yama) and "field, rice paddy" (田) (ta/da).
  • "You’ll never find a rainbow if you’re looking down" (Ichiro's quote) is from Swing Little Girl , a song from Charlie Chaplin's 1968 film "The Circus".
  • Ichiro's speakers take the form of normal speakers and a DJ deck.
  • Ichiro has been referenced in the Peruvian film called Sí, Mi Amor, where an actor named Samuel Sunderland cosplayed as him.
  • His blood type is O.


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