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Jakurai Jinguji
Jakurai portrait.png
Kanji 神宮寺寂雷
Romaji Jingūji Jakurai
MC Name ill-DOC
Character Information
Occupation Doctor
Birthday January 9
Age 35
Zodiac Capricorn
Height 195 cm (6'5)
Weight 69 kg
Blood Type B
Voice Actor Sho Hayami
Stage Actor Taiyou Ayukawa
The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity.

Jakurai Jinguji, a.k.a. ill-DOC, is a doctor, former member of Kujaku Posse and The Dirty Dawg and the current leader of Matenrō.



He is a genius doctor, once under contract to eliminate terrorists, he became a doctor to atone for his sinful way of life. Though he often goes to areas of conflict around the world, he is currently practicing at the Shinjuku Central Hospital.

His drinking habits are terrible, and once he drinks, he goes on a rampage with an Edo dialect.

He has a cat and dog relationship with Ramuda, leader of the Shibuya Division.

OLD PROFILE 2017-2020

A former member of The Dirty Dawg and genius doctor. His tall and lanky frame is wrapped in an aura of mystery. He can use his unique flow to rejuvenate people.

Jakurai has a fondness for strange characters, and while even Ramuda Amemura of the Shibuya Division had piqued his interest, they are currently at odds with each other.

He enjoys meditating and fishing and has invited Hifumi Izanami along on fishing trips.


Jakurai has very long, grey-purple hair with a lavender underside, blue eyes and he is the tallest character in the series.

Jakurai wears a black turtleneck with a silver cross pattern and 3/4 sleeves, dark blue pants and black shoes. He is often seen wearing white lab coat with a blue lining.

During the TDD era, Jakurai had his hair tied back. He wore a grey military uniform with black boots, white gloves and a white lab coat. He is seen with a brown satchel for medical equipment.

Jakurai’s Hypnosis Mic takes the form of a ribbon mic with wings and a stand. It is decorated with a snake and an IV drip. It bears resemblance to the rod of Asclepius. Jakurai’s speaker takes the form of a stylised cross with multiple smaller round speakers, similar in shape to Ramuda’s speakers.

Rap Ability

  • Medication: Heals his team and returns them to a normal state.




All Stars

Rap Battle



  • Jakurai means "lonely/loneliness, quietly, mellow, mature, death of a priest, patina, antique look" (寂) (jaku) and "thunder" (雷) (rai).
  • Jinguji means "Shinto shrine" (神宮) (jingu) and "temple" (寺) (ji).


  • Jakurai's quote was originally from the book called The Kingdom of God Is Within You by Leo Tolstoy.
  • Jakurai is left-handed.
  • According to the guidebook, Jakurai likes people, fishing, and reading, and dislikes acts against humanity, and neglecting one's health.
  • Jakurai's favorite food is natto, and his least favorite food is donuts.
  • His name in English was written as "Jyakurai" in the Division Rap Battle music video and Matenrō -Aural Medicine- trailer.



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