Jyushi Aimono
Jyushi portrait.png
Kanji 四十物 十四
Romaji Aimono Jūshi
MC Name 14th Moon
Character Information
Occupation Visual Kei Musician
Birthday April 14
Age 18
Zodiac Aries
Height 185 cm
Weight 65 kg
Blood Type AB
Voice Actor Yuki Sakakihara
Stage Actor Daigo Kato
Never, never, never, never, give up.

Jyushi Aimono, a.k.a. 14th Moon, is a Visual kei musician and a current member of Bad Ass Temple.


He is a vocalist in ArgoξOrchestra, Visual kei band. A narcissist crybaby. He doesn't have many friends, but he cherishes his stuffed plushie pig named "Amanda". When he meets someone for the first time or is nervous, his personality changes and he talks in a pompous and exaggerated tone. When he was a student, he was harshly bullied. At the time, Hitoya Amaguni advocated for him and has since earned Jyushi's respect.


Jyushi has black hair with yellow highlights in a Visual kei mullet, his fringe covering his right eye. His eyes are blue with long lashes, and he has shorter eyebrows. He has multiple piercings: multiple lobe piercings on both ears, a conch on the right and lightning bolt dangle earrings.

Jyushi wears a black shirt, black pants and maroon combat boots. He wears a grey-and-black military style jacket with gold accents and a chain choker necklace. He has multiple rings on his right pinky and index and left index and thumb fingers.

Jyushi’s Hypnosis Mic looks like a crushed black-and-red umbrella with a gothic pig, resembling Amanda, with its behind as the windscreen. His speaker takes the form of two tombstones, one reading "REST IN PEACE".


The songs featuring Jyushi are:



All Stars


  • Jyushi means "ten" (十) (jyu) and "four" (四) (shi).
  • Aimono means "four" (四) (ai), "ten" (十) (mo) and "stuff" (物) (no).


  • Jyushi's quote is attributed by Winston Churchill.
  • He is right-handed.
  • He likes his stuffed pig, Amanda, and mirrors, while he dislikes oppressive people, being yelled at, and enclosed spaces.
  • Jyushi's favorite food is a Napolitan pasta, while his least favorite food is roe.
  • Jyushi's MC name refers to the full moon which falls on the 14th day of the lunar month. The kanji of Jyushi's name also refers to the number 14.
  • Jyushi's band, アルゴξ楽団, is written with the katakana アルゴ クシー ガクダン, so is pronounced Argo Kushii Gakudan.



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