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Kuko Harai
Kuko portrait.png
Kanji 波羅夷 空却
Romaji Harai Kūkō
MC Name Evil Monk
Character Information
Occupation Monk
Birthday August 21
Age 19
Zodiac Leo
Height 168 cm (5'6)
Weight 58 kg
Blood Type A
Voice Actor Shota Hayama
Stage Actor Ryota Hirono
Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes

Kuko Harai, a.k.a. Evil Monk, is a heir of the Buddhist temple, former member of Naughty Busters and Mad Comic Dialogue, and the current leader of Bad Ass Temple.


He is the heir of the Kugen temple, a renowned Buddhist temple. At 14, he mastered an ascetic life his father, Shakku Harai, was unable to. He's badmouthed and his behavior is inappropriate for a monk yet, his faith is deep and he treasures his friends. He often makes up moralising-like remarks. He hates crowds and often acts alone.

In the past, he was a part of Naughty Busters with Ichiro Yamada in Ikebukuro.


Kuko has short, spiky hair and gold eyes with catlike pupils. He also has noticeably sharp canines. He has multiple piercing on both ears: lobe gauges, two lower helix, a snug, a rook, and an upper helix.

Kuko wears black monk-style clothing with a white undergarment. He wears a blue and white bomber jacket with gold shachihoko and lightning bolts on the chest, with black details. He also has black kicker boots, a black studded belt with prayer beads attached and a chain necklace. He has multiple rings on his right index, ring and thumb and his left index, ring and pinky fingers.

Kuko’s Hypnosis Mic looks like a silver khakkhara/shakugo with gold accents and rings. Kuko’s speaker takes the form of a corroded bronze bell/bonshō, tsurigane, etc., with a dragon wrapped around it and speakers in its mouth.





All Stars

Rap Battle



  • NuruSara’s Division Rep Battle


  • Kuko means "sky, air, void, emptiness" (空) (ku) and "withdraw, retreat" (却) (ko).
  • Harai means "wave" (波) (ha), "gauze, thin silk, Rome" (羅) (ra) and "barbarian, savage, Ainu" (夷) (i).
    • "Harai" also means "parajika", the four gravest offenses for a Buddhist monk: unchastity, stealing, destruction of life, and false statements.


  • Kuko's quote is attributed to Indian lawyer and anti-colonial nationalist Mahatma Gandhi.
  • Kuko is right-handed.
  • Kuko likes shonen manga, mountain climbing, and punk rock, while he dislikes rules, crowding with others, and the ocean.
  • Kuko's favorite food is fried chicken (karaage), while his least favorite food is Shoujin cuisine (traditional vegetarian Buddhist food).
  • Kuko's speakers may be a reference to the folklore tale of Kiyohime. In this story, Kiyohime falls in love with a Buddhist monk named Anchin. After being rejected, she transforms into a serpent/dragon and killed him in a bell where he hid.
  • Kuko uses 拙僧 (Sessō) pronouns to address himself. lit. "this humble priest." Archaic, masculine, used exclusively by Buddhist monks. There's an equivalent in Chinese which literally translates to "this poor (broke, janky) monk".



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