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Buster Bros!!! Generation.png Ikebukuro Division: Buster Bros!!! Drama Track 1 Jiro Yamada and Saburo Yamada are determined to convince Ichiro Yamada to let them join his team. Ichiro is hesitant to let them join since he is concerned about their well-being but gives them two tasks to test them.
Ikebukuro Division: Buster Bros!!! Drama Track 2 Ichiro, Jiro, and Saburo play a board game together.
Baymtc.jpg Yokohama Division: MAD TRIGGER CREW Drama Track 1 Samatoki Aohitsugi and Jyuto Iruma arrives at the forest to recruit Rio Mason Busujima into their team. However, Rio's case is more complicated than they initially thought.
Yokohama Division: MAD TRIGGER CREW Drama Track 2 Samatoki and Jyuto head out to Rio's campsite so that he can treat them to a meal.
Matenroucd1.jpg Shinjuku Division: Matenrō Drama Track 1 Jakurai Jinguji is asked by Doppo Kannonzaka and Hifumi Izanami to help them with a stalker who was threatening Hifumi. Interested by Hifumi and Doppo's unusual personalities, Jakurai agrees to help them.
Shinjuku Division: Matenrō Drama Track 2 Hifumi invites Doppo and Jakurai to drink at his host club.
Fling Posse Fling Posse-F.P.S.M-.jpg Shibuya Division: Fling Posse Drama Track 1 Ramuda Amemura approaches Gentaro Yumeno and Dice Arisugawa to form a team with him. They are hesitant, however, Ramuda knows that he can't give up.
Shibuya Division: Fling Posse Drama Track 2 Dice plays Chinchiro with Gentaro and Ramuda.
Bbvsmtc.jpg Know Your Enemy side B.B VS M.T.C Buster Bros!!! and MAD TRIGGER CREW arrive at Chuohku to participate in the territory battle where Ichiro clashes with Samatoki.
Louder Than A Bomb Prior to the battle, Jiro and Saburo are confronted by Jyuto and Rio. A few taunts lead Jiro to pick a fight with them to defend Saburo, however, Jyuto and Rio won't go easy on him.
Fpvsmtr.jpg Know Your Enemy side F.P VS M Fling Posse and Matenrō arrive at Chuohku to participate in the territory battle where Ramuda clashes with Jakurai.
Just A Friend Hifumi and Doppo, as well as Gentaro and Dice, are chased by a group of fans. After Hifumi insulted Gentaro and Dice insulted Doppo, the four of them clashed in a rap battle.
Matenroucd cvr.png Me Against the World All four teams are dealing with the results of the territory battle and Matenrō's victory. Jakurai informs Ichiro and Samatoki about strange details surrounding their battle and warns them to be careful of Ramuda.
Testimony Members of Matenrō celebrate their victory, as Jakurai tells Hifumi and Doppo about his times with The Dirty Dawg.
Enterthehypmic cd.jpg Fight For Your Right Aogiri Bojo asks Jiro and Buster Bros!!! to help him rescue his kidnapped brother.
Somebody Gotta Do It Jyuto and Samatoki are dealing with the traffic of the Grasshopper drug in Yokohama, so they join forces with Rio to take the drug dealers down.
We Just Wanna Party with You After losing all his money in a card game, Dice is hired to handle a suspicious job, so he asks Ramuda and Gentaro to help him.
The Reality of a 29 Year Old Asunaro Bojo asks Doppo and Matenrō to help her rescue her kidnapped brother.
Don't Play No Game That I Can’t Win Various circumstances lead four teams to the Yokohama container yard where real enemies are determined to take them down once and for all.
DH-OsakaAlbum.jpg Aikata Back Again Sasara Nurude receives an invitation from Chuohku to participate in a territory battle, so he decides to reunite with Rosho Tsutsujimori. Soon after their reunion, they encounter Rei Amayado who has plans for them.
BAT-NagoyaAlbum.jpg The Heart's Conviction Can't Be Broken! Hitoya Amaguni is concerned about Jyushi Aimono's habit to cry, so he takes him to the Buddhist temple to develop his strength. The head monk forces his son, Kuko Harai, to train Jyushi. However, Kuko resolves to quite unusual methods to make him stronger.
BB2-Cover.jpg Helter Skelter Ichiro, Jiro, and Saburo are searching for Nemu Aohitsugi and their search leads Ichiro to Osaka. However, Yamada brothers have no idea about unexpected revelations awaiting for them.
MTC-B2DRB.jpg All In The Same Boat Rio discovers important information about Chuohku and informs Samatoki about it. However, Jyuto brings them bad news as the Party of Words decides to make their move.
FP-B2DRB.png The Loneliness, Tears, and Hope of a Puppet Ramuda's condition is growing worse and he fails to make any progress regarding the situation with Gentaro and Dice. Meanwhile, Ichijiku Kadenokoji labels Ramuda as too much of a liability to keep around and decides to deal with him once and for all.
MTR2DRB.jpg Chaser from the Past After a troubling meeting with the Party of Words, Jakurai discusses the past with Hifumi and Doppo before meeting with an old friend. In the meantime, Hifumi and Doppo have to confront unusual enemies in Shinjuku.
Hypmicofficialguidebook cvr.jpg Even Intense Rain Can't Wash The Change Away A dangerous figure within the Party of Words is interested in Nemu. Meanwhile, Ichijiku recalls painful memories about an experience that brought her to the organization.
The Wind Comes First To The House Before The Storm Otome Tohoten tells Ichijiku the story about her past, her experience with men, and the foundation of the Party of Words that led her into getting unusual connections.
DH vs BB 2nd DRB.jpg Aikata(s) Back Again Dotsuitare Hompo successfully advance to the Division Rap Battle, however, Rei notices the tension between Sasara and Rosho, so he decides to take it upon himself to strengthen their bond but in his own way.
Life is What You Make It New discoveries about their past prompt Jiro and Saburo to confront Ichiro, testing their bond as a team and as a family.
BAT vs MTR 2nd DRB Album Cover.jpg Harmonious Cooperation Hitoya and Jyushi receive visits from figures of their own pasts while Kuko struggles to learn what it means to guide people as a monk.
If We Hesitate, We Rust and Lose Pride. Because Of Our Lost Pride, We Keep The Fire Burning Jakurai meets with the Party of Words to make a final decision regarding their proposal for him to work for them. Meanwhile, Hifumi and Doppo face a ghost from their past that threatens to ruin their lives.
FP vs MTC Album Cover.jpg Catch Us If You Can Fling Posse is on the run from the Party of Words, as Gentaro and Dice pull every string they can to save Ramuda.
A Dream... For Good Or Evil While pursuing a high-profile drug lord, Jyuto uncovers a criminal conspiracy that puts him in danger. MAD TRIGGER CREW take it upon themselves to get to the bottom of things, no matter who might be involved.