Otome Tohoten
Otome portrait.png
Kanji 東方天 乙統女
Romaji Tohōten Otome
Character Information
Occupation Prime Minister
Birthday June 24
Age 49
Height 159 cm
Blood Type A
Voice Actress Yuu Kobayashi
I never worry about action, but only inaction.

Otome Tohoten is the Prime Minister of Japan and a current leader of Party of Words.


The leader of the Party of Words. She took control over the government by coup d’etat using Hypnosis Mic in the first year of the H Age. She created and ratified the H law, abolished the military and built the women-centered society. In the third age of H, organized a Division Rap Battle in which men compete against each other with their Hypnosis Mics for the territory.


Otome has long dark blue hair in the hime cut (姫カット, lit. "Princess cut") style and dark gray/black eyes.

She wears a black-and-pink capelet Party of Words uniform with two medals, a blue skirt, and black kitten heels.


The songs featuring Otome are:



  • Otome means "maiden" (乙統女).
  • Tohoten means "eastern direction" (東方) (toho) and "heaven, sky" (天) (ten).




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