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Division Chuohku
Color Pink
Members Otome Tohoten
Ichijiku Kadenokoji
Nemu Aohitsugi

Party of Words (言の葉党) is the matriarchal government party, based in Chuohku ward, led by Otome Tohoten. After the end of WWIII, the Party of Words came into power in a coup and took control over Japan.


As a part of their plan to take control over Japan, the Party of Words established the mass development of the Hypnosis Mic. Soon after the prototypes were finished, Otome Tohoten used it to take down the Prime Minister and unconditionally proclaimed the Party of Words as the new government of Japan.

After executing their coup, the Party of Words established their center in Chuohku and split the country into "divisions," the only areas where men are allowed to live. All firearms in any shape or form were prohibited. A select amount of men were equipped with the Hypnosis Mics so they could participate in the rap battles to reclaim territory from other divisions. The Party of Words also built the wall around Chuohku to split it from the divisions and set up security systems around the ward.

Several years later, the Party of Words hosted the Division rap battles, a grand competition between the division representative rap teams. The winner would get money and superiority (within the Party of Words limits) as well as the territory from losers' divisions.


Otome Tohoten

Otome portrait.png
  • Occupation: Prime Minister
  • Description: The leader of the Party of Words. She took control over the government by coup d’etat using Hypnosis Mic in the first year of the H Age. She created and ratified the H Law, abolished the military and built the women-centered society. In the third age of H, organized a Division Rap Battle in which men compete against each other with their Hypnosis Mics for the territory.

Ichijiku Kadenokoji

Ichijiku portrait.png
  • Occupation: Deputy Prime Minister / Director General of the Administrative Inspectorate Bureau of the Metropolitan Police Department
  • Description: The second person in the Party of Words hierarchy. The woman in charge of all political measures of the Party. She deeply respects the leader of the Party, Otome Tohoten and owes her a debt of gratitude. She despises men from the bottom of her heart and believes that the world would be better without them. Even though she’s very strict with herself and others, she has a soft spot for Nemu Aohitsugi.

Nemu Aohitsugi

  • Occupation: Vice Chief of the Administrative Inspection Bureau
  • Description: The rising talent of the Party of Words and the younger sister of Samatoki Aohitsugi of the Yokohama Division. She has a strong spirit and impressive rap skills, which are said to be comparable to Samatoki's. She was brainwashed into joining the Party by one of Ramuda Amemura's clones, using the true Hypnosis Mic.

Other Members

  • Honobono Keitoin
    • Occupation: Captain of the Kotohsarai Special Unit / Vice Chief of the Chuohku Criminal Bureau
  • Hitaki Tsumabira
    • Occupation: Vice Chief of the Administrative Inspection Bureau
  • Misago Haebaru
    • Occupation: Vice Chief of the Chuohku Criminal Bureau
  • Kanaria Adaya
    • Occupation: Chief of the Public Safety Bureau of the Metropolitan Police Department
  • Refua