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Rule the Stage -2nd Battle- Fling Posse VS Matenro is a battle song by Fling Posse and Matenro. It was featured in the Hypnosis Mic -Division Rap Battle- Rule the Stage -Championship Tournament-.

Track Info

  • Lyrics: Ts
  • Composition/Arrangement: Koji Ide
  • Length:
  • Tempo:


---(Gentaro Yumeno)---
I’ve only just begun writing the prologue, steeped in Shibuya’s colors
Before we unravel these ties let us take a brief breath
What is the truth? What is a lie? The difference is paper-thin
By the time you’ve realized it’s far too late, it’s stained the air
Fiction and fact jumble together throughout this world
But another drop of ink presses magic to the page
Oh make-believe nightlife, there’s no need for you here
Your history will soon be ending, left only to scatter transient

---(Hifumi Izanami)---
Despite your name your words are dull, speak nothing of dreams
More so than any words, I’ll send your heart trembling, it’s showtime
I’ll show you but a momentary dream with this champagne tower
You only live once, so like bubbles your life should shine
I won’t be told what to say, act according to script
After all, today is always the first day of the rest of your life
Though it’s the last day of yours, Shibuya, I’ve polished my mental state
Because we are Shinjuku’s Matenro, we’ll win with ease

---(Dice Arisugawa)---
The dice’ve been thrown, the playboy’s just fuckin’ around
High risk means high return and when it peaks I just gotta smile
The more danger you’re in the bigger the thrill
I’ve broken through it all and polished these skills
With that necktie for a collar and that stiff-lookin’ suit
You’re workin’ yourself to the bone, but all for what??
I’m not gonna let myself be used, no thank you
I’ll show you my way of life, see? Just like this

---(Doppo Kannonzaka)---
Ah, shut up, shut up, another sicko’s picking a fight with me
I couldn’t sleep yesterday as it is, you piece of trash
Every day I jump on the commuter express, a cyborg working for an exploitative business
If you’ve never locked yourself in the toilet stall to cry then just shut up
“If you hate it that much then just quit?” Don’t underestimate us salarymen
Spit out all my pent-up anger over this beat and I’m a winner
Yeah that’s right, I’m a corporate drone but I’m sick and tired of you looking down
Even if you regret it a thousand times it won’t be enough

---(Ramuda Amemura)---
Ew, ew, Shinjuku’s got wrinkles all over their foreheads
You look scawy like that and all the ladies are gonna run
Relax your shoulders and keep those eyes open
Though Jakurai I really don’t wanna see
So guess I’ll throw you out! Crumple you up, rip you to shreds
Let me hear your final cries on repeat, repeat
We’re Fling Posse of Shibuya, always with the good vibes
Matenro’s at a dead end, and we’re about to finish you

---(Jakurai Jinguji)---
In the worst way possible you never change; I simply don’t understand you
I fight now in order to shut your troublesome mouth
There’s nothing I can prescribe to cure your irresponsible remarks
I sing this lullaby in order to lead you to eternal sleep
Certainly this world is impermanent, but doubtless I won’t forgive you
No matter who I might have saved, I must defeat you, your prognosis is bleak
Today we end it all–your existence extinguished in its entirety
For the words that burn deep within me are surely extraordinary

---(Gentaro Yumeno)---
Let us begin round two with words and dance

---(Dice Arisugawa)---
No pain no gain, yeah? Let’s roll the dice

---(Gentaro Yumeno)---
Shinjuku, let us offer you some advice

---(Dice Arisugawa)---
If you don’t surrender you’ll be divin’ off a cliff

---(Gentaro Yumeno)---
On the glint of my pen tip

---(Dice Arisugawa)---
We’ll bet everything

---(Gentaro Yumeno & Dice Arisugawa)---
Gazes set straight ahead, makes Shibuya's strategy
When or where, whatever, we’ll fight as we gotta
For the winners gotta be Shibuya's Fling Posse

---(Hifumi Izanami)---
Then let us go, our showtime begins

---(Doppo Kannonzaka)---
Spitting out resentment for an answer

---(Hifumi Izanami)---
In the end Shibuya’s nothing but show

---(Doppo Kannonzaka)---
You’ll have to go through us to get to the Doctor

---(Hifumi Izanami & Doppo Kannonzaka)---
A unique beat always on repeat
Allies in focus joining our convictions
Our power demonstrated in a new mission
Now, ready, set, go! Shinjuku's Matenro

---(Ramuda Amemura)---
Your geezer stench never disappears
It’s spreading all over on your side
Deodorant spritz spritz! Smelly, smelly
And you’re super naggy too, shut up, shut up!

---(Jakurai Jinguji)---
Your impolite manner and twisted standard–
I’ve prepared myself to end them
No matter how you arrange such trifling words
They simply won’t reach my heart

---(Ramuda Amemura)---
Ah, shut up, I really hate you, that’s why this matchup’s the best
I’ll send you all down to hell together so stay tuned, Shinjuku
So let’s get started, you’re ready, right? Just kidding, I don’t care
You’re still complaining about the past? I’ll make it so you never speak again
Huh? You can’t hurt me? Huh, huh?? Who’re those two with you anyway?
This is the end, dear doctor, trying to challenge me’s just a waste of time
Aha! Now I’m having fun, I’m done playing with senior citizens
Watching your faces twist in pain makes me happier than anything

---(Jakurai Jinguji)---
You walk on the tightrope’s edge, the unease ceaseless
There’s nothing that conflict can resolve in this world
We must respect each other’s positions, disagreements must be discussed
Because I strive for a better world, I believe lives must be protected
But now I stand here, having taken everything into account
With my prideful allies our words become one–Shinjuku’s sound
Even if you scorch us in hellfire these desires alone will never waver
To end your barbarish acts here and now I’ll end your life

書き始めるまた序文 シブヤ染める色濃く
紐解く因縁の前に まずは軽く一呼吸
何が本当 何が嘘か 実はそこは紙一重
気づいた時はすでに手遅れ まるで大気汚染
虚実入り乱れるこの世界線 オーバー
魔法かけるインクを一滴 さらに投下
まやかしの水商売 ここで必要ない
すぐに終わるヒストリー もう儚く散るのみ

名前の割に夢のない 事ばかりでつまらない
どんな言葉よりも心震わせてく ショータイム
同時にシブヤの最後の日 磨きあげてくサイコロジー
僕らシンジュク麻天狼こそ 当然のように勝ち残り

すでのサイは振られてる チャラ男なんてふざけてる
人に使われてるなんて俺は絶対やだね ノーサンキュー
それじゃ見せてやるよ生き様 ほーらこんな風

あーうるさいうるさい また絡まれてるやばいやつ
こっちはただでさえ昨日も寝れてないんだ このカス
毎日飛び乗る通勤快速 ブラック企業で働くサイボーグ
たまった鬱憤全て吐き出してビートに乗せればI"M A WINNER
確かにそうだよ社畜だよ でも馬鹿にされんのはまじ勘弁
てめーは後から100万回 後悔した所でまだ足んない

うん だから捨てちゃおう くしゃくしゃにしてビリビリ
ボクらシブヤFLING POSSE いつでもいい感じ
麻天狼は行き止まり 終わらせてくタイミング

悪い意味で変わらない あなたのこと分からない
いい加減にうるさい その口を塞ぐ戦い
無責任な発言 もはやつける薬ならない
確かに世界は諸行無常 だが決して許さない問答無用
今日こそ最後つける決着 存在丸ごと消す滅却

NO PAIN NO GAINだろ 転がすダイス
シンジュク ここに送るアドバイス
即降参 でなきゃ崖下へダイブ
見据える 前方 シブヤの 戦法
いつ でも どこ でも やる たび なん ども
勝つのは 当然 シブヤFLING POSSE

それじゃいきましょう さぁショータイムだ

独自のビート 常に リピート
仲間に ピント 合わせる 信条
力を 実証 新たな ミッション
いくよ Ready set go シンジュク麻天狼

即消臭 シュッシュー! 臭い臭い
おまけに超しつこいし うざいうざい


あーうるさい ほんとキライ だからうってつけこの試合
それじゃ始めるよもういいかい? そっちの都合に興味ない
昔の話をいまだにごちゃごちゃ 二度と言わせない金輪際
あれ?効いてない?あれあれ?? あとの二人とかだれだれ?
これで終わりだよディアドクター ボクに挑むの時間の無駄
あは ほんとに面白い もう十分だよお年寄り
シンジュクの苦しむ姿見てるのが何より最高 心地よい

まるでギリギリの綱渡り おさまることない胸騒ぎ
争いで解決することなんてこの世界 本当に何もない
お互いの立場を尊重し合って すれ違うなら話し合って
より良い世界を目指す姿勢こそ 人が守るべきだと信じる
しかしあえてここに立つ 合うべて踏まえここに立つ
君の蛮行 全て終わらせるために息の根をここで断つ



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